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The greatest assets any company can have are its customers and its employees. From the child of an employee, to the most faithful customer, to the executives of a company, all are part of the team and all are equal in value. Every individual contributes to the success of the company and the quality of the product or service provided. For this reason we say,
"Our satisfaction and pride is a quality job, well done."

For the customer, there is great satisfaction in receiving quality service or a quality product at a great value. For those providing the product or service, there is great satisfaction and a sense of pride in doing so in a timely, economical way. Everyone wins when working together with their best effort.

Whatever your interest is in Carlson Services Inc., please be assured we make every effort to be the best at what we do, and provide you, the customer, with the best valued products and services. Faithful customers combined with committed product / service providers create a great team!

If you are looking for the best, you found us-Carlson Services Inc., your total solutions provider.
"Our satisfaction and pride is a quality job, well done."

"Our satisfaction and pride is a quality job, well done."
Carlson Services Inc. began in 2002 upon taking over Coos Bay Restaurant Equipment and Supply. The name changed to Carlson Food Equipment and then, in 2005, the company incorporated and became Carlson Services Inc. This is a family business, and everyone involved is treated as part of the family. We work hard to earn your satisfaction and faith in us!
Jeremy Carlson
Your Total Solutions Provider
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